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Wed, 4 Jul 2007

You dont lose the boxing match in the ring...

* Ancient post revived for blog continuity

(email in response to a deal (company XXXX) we snagged)

Re: XXXX, for everyones info it showed a few other interesting things.. (other than us signing up for yet another challenge we hope we can meet)

[a] XXXX originally came to us after reading "Special Ops - How to hack web apps" --> Shouts to all the plakkers involved there..

[b] While still deciding between vendors, he realised he has seen us talk in vegas this year (erm.. that year - this conv. started nov 04) --> shouts to all those plakkers involved..

[c] He saw a johnny long google talk and asked "what exactly is the relationship between johnny and sensepost? , cause he talks about u guys all the time" --> shouts to mr pemmingh!

[d] He then went to shmoocon and saw we had just written "Aggressive Network Self Defense" and loved our paper --> shouts to all (especially chuck who wrote the paper at a Miami airport)

i had the mood-swings over the deal for 9 months, but we won the deal with a ton of work done by a bunch of ppl that we actually never knew had any bearing on the deal..

its like we said before "The boxer doesnt win the match in the ring.. he wins on the sunday mornings he is on the road jogging and his opposition isnt"

SensePlak is leet.. because its leet when u out running at 04h30, to know that there are ppl on ur team out running too..