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Wed, 17 Oct 2007

9 days to leopard...

You can almost taste the fanboy excitement.. but im guessing there will also be the mandatory rush for the first big bug announcements..


There are a few things that look cool.. Apple joins the right decade with ASLR and native multi-desktops looks cool.. DTrace on osx seems like a winner too.. Of course, theres also the much touted: "Back to my mac" feature:


[watch video of it in action]

i havnt seen a lot of technical details on this, but will definitely use the free 60 day .mac trial membership to take a look at it, when its live... it just seems like an idea with massive potential to go south..

[as an aside.. i wonder how many exploit researchers have used their ADC memberships to hunt for bugs already, and are just waiting for the full release to announce them..]