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Fri, 1 Feb 2008

HTTP Mangling + Quick scripts on projects + informal QoW...

I think the ian-mangler hack is awesome, and the fact that it got the results needed means it was a full-on victory.. its really interesting, because fairly recently i had a discussion with one of the XXXX guys on what makes rocking analysts rock, and amongst other things it became apparant (if it was not already obvious) that great analysts can smack together the tool chain they need to handle the edge cases.. i recall way back when "YYYYYY" said "im a leet hax0r except i dont know programming or networking".. sadly he wasnt joking...

its ok if you cant throw ians app together with a fancy gui, or if u take 3 times as long as he did.. but all of you should be looking at this and thinking - in a pinch, i could have made an ugly variation of that with [python|perl|java|bash+nc+sed|or heaven forbid even ruby]

Of course, one of the things we preach in in Hacking By Numbers is also about knowing available tools... so for an informal Friday Question of the "Some time Period"... What tool could have been used, fresh outa the box to achieve the same result ?