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Mon, 18 Feb 2008

Sorting your shoes like a whore!

(my first X-Rated blog post.. i should hook up ad-words and watch the money roll in!)

Ok.. our Zimbabwean recruit was posed the following question by some international academics:

Q:"How would you sort your shoes?"

He answered:

A: "I make the assumption that the shoes are positioned such that I can see their sizes, and that they are in a row of boxes. I would randomly pick a pair of shoes in a box and call them my 'pivot point'. I would then reorder the shoes such that all shoes with sizes less than my pivot are on the left of it, and all shoes with a greater size are on the right of the pivot (perhaps having 2 piles of shoes next to me as I work, one for size less than, one for size greater than). This pivot pair of shoes would now be in their correct sorted position. I would then apply this same process to the left and right sets of shoes, and then to their left(left,right) and right(left,right) sets, continuing this process until all shoes have been 'pivoted' or there is only one or zero pair of shoes between two pivots. (i.e a set of only one pair)."

Now.. this seems impressive.. but my response was (kinda) Thats a whoreish way to do it..

QoW-1: What possessed me to respond like this?

QoW-2: Do you have a better solution? and why?