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Sun, 29 May 2011

Hacking By Numbers: W^3 Edition

Well, we're ramping up with the new Hacking By Numbers W^3 edition course we will be presenting at BlackHat Vegas this year. This course is a replacement for the Web2.0 course we successfully presented over the past three years and sports a whole bunch of new and improved practicals. We've also upped the technology being used and the presentation is chock-full of ASCII sheep... :)

The new course is an intermediate web application hacking course, and will deal with the following topics

  • Hacking traditional web applications.
  • Web2.0 concepts and technologies
  • Xs* - JavaScript attacks
  • Web services
  • Compiled applications
  • HTML5
The course is highly practical and hands on. To paraphrase the Combat course's tag-line, it's some talk - and a lot of hack. :)

I'll be presenting the course again this year, and I'm looking forward to the training and the briefings. Hope to see you all there.