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Wed, 28 Nov 2012

Brad the Nurse

Organising our yearly training event at Blackhat in Las Vegas is no mean feat. With well over two hundred students to prepare for, the size of Caesars Palace to contend with (last year, we, on average, walked 35 kilometers in distance just inside the hotel) and the manic environment, it's a stressful environment.

There are many Blackhat helpers running about, but none like Mr Brad 'the Nurse' Smith. Brad would always be there popping his head into our rooms, making sure us plakkers had what we needed, when we needed it and always with that trademark smile. Armed with his two-way radios (almost like a western gun-slinger in the way he was able to whip them off and put them into action in seconds), he knew who to call and where to get it. This video from Toolswatch, shot at his last Blackhat, summed up his enthusiasm:

Needless to say, our Blackhat Las Vegas experience was often made possible with a few key individuals helping us and Brad was one of them. A rather apt quote from Gert was:

He is the guy that got shit sorted *full stop*
Brad's health has suffered in recent years and he missed Blackhat this year, due to a stroke. No more gunslinger walking the corridors and his absence was notable. Brad's health has since deteriorated after having surgery on his skull and Nina's recently made the hard decision to have all medications stopped and feeding tube turned off with the exception of pain medications as needed.

Our thoughts are with Brad's family and Nina right now in this hard hour. Brad, you will be missed by the crazy South Africans (and other nationalities!) at SensePost. Thanks for all your help over the past many years.