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Thu, 18 Sep 2008

Sarah Palin, a yahoo email account, and something more shocking...

By now everyone knows that John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin had her yahoo email account hacked. I guess a presidential candidate using yahoo for govt. related email was about as shocking as Sarah Palins nomination as possible future president ((unless of course you have ever heard of other govt. officials using yahoo/gmail/hotmail for serious business)(inside joke for south africans!)).

People have been talking about secure password resets for a long time [1] and this was pretty shocking all around..

But even more shocking for me (as a totally removed observer), was the Errata Security post (authors of hamster, which we commented on [here]) ending their post with an endorsement of the McCain/Palin ticket.. i thought all (american) hax0rs leaned towards "the change"

Fri, 12 Sep 2008

A truly sweet hack!

[Solve mazes with Photoshop (or gimp)]

i must confess that while i understand the logic of flood-fill doing a depth first search and therefor doing the lifting for u, my gimp skills are second only to my MS-Word skills and i have managed to burn about 40 minutes this morning still unable to replicate it (there goes my report writing!)


Thu, 11 Sep 2008

Lets hope it does better than netsec.reddit..

Introducing []

(like its name suggests, a reddit thats all about Code RE..)

HBN Extended Edition 6-10 October

We have scheduled our first training course for our new year, Hacking By Numbers - "Extended" Edition - for October 6-10th . The course runs for a full 5 days in Pretoria, South Africa.

The HBN 'Extended Edition' is simply an intensive extended version of the regular Bootcamp course. Whilst the content and structure are essentially the same as Bootcamp, the Extended Edition offers students a deeper understanding of the concepts being presented and affords them more time to practice the techniques being taught. Extended Edition is currently only offered in Switzerland and South Africa only, or can be arranged on request.

Who should attend? Information security officers, system and network administrators, security consultants will all benefit from the valuable insights provided by this class. Remember that this course is practical and of an extremely technical nature, so a basic understanding of networking, security, 'nix and Windows is a course prerequisite.

A registration form can be downloaded from

Otherwise please mail for more information.


Tue, 2 Sep 2008

Enter Google Chrome...

Google have thrown their hat in the browser-ring, which many have predicted. [Chrome]  should be coming soon to downloads near u.

It's based on [webkit], which you might [recall] was impressive in many ways.. It has a few other interesting promises, like a brand new javascript engine [which sounds like an excellent target for future hackery] and a simple but sweet isolation concept [tabs are independent processes].

Like anything released from google, people expect it to change the world (now thats some heavy expectation-anxiety) but if nothing else it will be interesting to watch. Their comic intro is fairly comprehensive, and mixes healthy amounts of "eureka" with "this is still a hard problem".

I like the promise of the cartoon.. but the addition of [built in] [google gears] integration makes me think that this snippet might not be as true as the cartoon dude would have liked.. Ahh.. so much fiddling.. so little time..