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Tue, 7 Aug 2012

Black Hat Training Classes Update

Hey All,

We're about locked and loaded down here in ZA - ready to tackle the looooong journey to Vegas for Black Hat. If you're headed to Black Hat but haven't yet booked training there's still time, so I thought I'd push out a brief update on what's still available from our stable of courses. As many of our courses have sold out we opened second classrooms and as a result have plenty of space to accommodate late comers!

Here's the deal:

1. "Cadet" is our intro course. We only offer it on the weekend (21st & 22nd) but its really popular so we've opened a 2nd classroom. Plenty of space available, so sign up!

2. "Bootcamp" is our novice course. We've opened up additional classrooms also, so we can accommodate at least 9 more people.

3. Our "Unplugged" Wifi course is sold out and we simply can't take any more people there unfortunately.

4. "BlackOps" is our post-exploitation course. It has sold really well this year, but we do still have a handful of seats available if you hurry.

5. "W^3" is our web hacking course. It only runs during the week (23rd & 24th) but we have a a nice spacious classroom so there are still plenty of seats available. Classic web hacking goodness.

6. "Combat" is our advanced CTF based training lab. It is an amazing course if you're already an experienced pentester. We keep the classroom sizes small, but we could possibly accommodate another 5 people on the weekend and maybe 10 people during the week.

If you need help selecting the right course, or getting registered, please contact us via training[at]sensepost[dot]com.

If you're based outside the US and won't be making Vegas this year, there's still hope! Check out these two other events where we'll be offering courses:

Thu, 15 Dec 2011

Press Release - London Hacking & Security Courses

School's never out for the Pro!

We're proud to announce that we are now offering our highly successful penetration testing training courses to the UK market from 2012.

SensePost has been providing penetration testing training courses to corporates and governments across the globe, and at prestige security events such as Black Hat and OWASP for over a decade. Initially, three courses in London for 2012 have been organised:

  1. HBN Extended Edition (4 days) — 13-17, February 2012
  2. HBN W^3 Edition (3 days) — 14-16 March 2012
  3. HBN Unplugged (2 days) — 18-19 April 2012
The first course, HBN Extended Edition is set at an introductory level for technical people without experience in the world of hacking or penetration testing. It presents attendees with the background information, technical skill and basic concepts that are required to get started in this field.

The second course, HBN W^3 Edition, is a highly practical, intermediate web application hacking course for those with some experience in security assessment and penetration testing. The course provides a refresher of HTTP and associated technologies before commencing with more advanced level attacks ranging from assessment techniques of traditional web applications, to newer technologies such as AJAX, rich client media and HTML 5.

Finally, the third course, HBN Unplugged Edition, is an entry-level wireless/ wi-fi security training course. With a strong focus on results, the course outlines three broad offensive scenarios for wi-fi hacking and then presents students with the background knowledge, methodologies, tools and thinking skills required to successfully breach security in each of those scenarios.

All the courses are suitable for those responsible for penetration testing and security assessments including Information Security Officers, System and Network Administrators, Security Consultants and Government agents.

We've been running these courses successfully for years, and in response to the high demand from our UK clients, who are increasingly looking to improve their in-house skills and capabilities in penetration testing we are now offering them in the UK. With so few companies delivering effective security courses for those responsible for penetration testing and security assessments we knew there was a gap in the marketplace plus a real need.

You can click here for more information, or contact us for direct support.

Wed, 19 Oct 2011

Press Release - Jane Frankland joins SensePost

The SensePost marketing division, a highly skilled team of ruthless spin-doctors, is proud to announce that they have written ... a press release. Indeed, this team of fawners, flunkeys, lackeys and puffers has been slaving since early 2009 to come up with the pristine example of literary art you will read below. If you're intimidated by what I've just said, harbour a fanatical dislike for marketing folks or simply don't read so good, then here's the short version:

As of 01 October we have been joined by Jane Frankland, an industry stalwart, previously with Corsaire and NGS. Jane will be responsible for growing the SensePost business in the UK and Europe and we think she's very clever. We're extremely pleased to have her on board and sincerely look forward to working with her. Welcome onboard Jane!

So, here's the famous press-release...

We're proud to announce that former Founder of Corsaire and Associate Director of Operations at NGS Secure Moves to Expand SensePost's UK and European Presence

Pretoria, South Africa -- SensePost, a leader in penetration testing and information security services, announced today that Jane Frankland has joined the company as Head of Business Development for Europe. Frankland will focus first on expanding the brand's UK national reach while providing strategic support and direction for the company's European clients.

Jane, was most recently an Associate Director at NGS Secure, an NCC Group company. She was responsible for their UK (SE), Australian and US operations and also played a part in developing their marketing strategy including re-branding. Prior to NGS Secure, Frankland founded Corsaire, another leading brand in information security consultancy and assessment services. During her 13 years as their Commercial Director, she managed accounts such as Marks & Spencer, Royal Sun Alliance, William Hill and RWE.

When asked “Why SensePost?” Frankland stresses the caliber of the consultants she is working with alongside the value-culture that the Directors have created. “In joining SensePost, I get to be part of an incredibly forward thinking and technically able group, plus I have an active hand in establishing SensePost as a dominant brand in penetration testing services in the UK. It's lovely to be working in collaboration again!”

Charl van der Walt, co-Founder and Managing Director of SensePost, stated that growth into the UK market was a key strategic priority for the company. “When we met Jane, we found the right mix of strategic insight and business management experience. She brings a wealth of experience, fits into the team and can help expand our business. We're excited to welcome her into the SensePost team.”

You can hear more from Jane herself here.

Thu, 18 Aug 2011

SensePost Black Hat Course Summary & chosing the right courses

As we draw nearer to Black Hat Vegas we get a lot of requests from people who need help choosing between one of our courses or the other. In order to provide people with a single, consolidated summary of all the courses we'll be offering this year I've put together a rough summary doc that outlines all the courses and attempts to illustrate how they fit together. Get it here:


What perhaps doesn't come through well in that doc is how to go about planning your training schedule. As you know there are two training sessions - the 'weekend' (30 - 31 July) and the 'week' (01 - 02 August). Some providers offer 4 day training sessions, but we've offered to stick to 2-day 'modules' that can be mixed and matched as required.

The courses we're offering are:

A summary of all these courses can be found here.

Now, each of these courses can be taken individually, but if you look at the diagram below you'll see they're also designed to be slotted together as congruent 4-day sessions.

As I've mentioned, the courses can all be taken individually, but the popular combinations are:

  • Cadet -> Bootcamp (beginners)
  • Cadet -> Unplugged (Wifi, beginners)
  • Cadet -> W^3 (Web Hacking, beginners)
  • Bootcamp -> BlackOps (Intermediate)
  • Bootcamp -> W^3 (Web Hacking, intermediate)
  • BlackOps -> Combat (advanced)
Still can't make up your mind? Give us a shout and we'll be glad to help you out...

Wed, 9 Feb 2011

Training - lots of stuff(c)

Hey. Charl here. Lots of stuff is happening on the training front right now (ed: right now!), and I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of it.

1. New schedule published

At the start of the year we always try publish a schedule of when and where our various training courses are happening. Of course it changes a bit as the year progresses, but its a pretty good overview of where you need to be if you want to participate in one of the courses. The current 2011 schedule can be found here.

2. Early registration discount extended

If you're thinking of participating in the Extended Edition course happening in Pretoria in March, you've missed the early registration discount cut-off. But there's good news! We're extending the early-bird registration deadline by one more week until Friday February 18th. So register now to enjoy discounted rates.

3. New course - "Building Security In" - with ThinkSmart

In partnership with SensePost, ThinkSmart's "Building security in" training course is a one-day, detailed review of the practice of building secure applications, from the governance drivers for application security to practical examples of how to defend against common vulnerabilities. We're pleased to be offering this course, in series with our own "Developer Edition", the next time we run it in July.

4. Hacking By Numbers "Combat Edition" - Barcelona - Now Open

As if you needed an excuse to visit Barcelona, we're pleased to announce that we'll be running our acclaimed "Combat Edition" at the Black Hat Briefings there on March 15-16. This course is the flagship course of the established Hacking by Numbers series. From the first hour to the final minutes students are placed in different attacker scenarios as they race the clock to "capture the flag". In the SensePost tradition, the solutions lie much more in technique and an out-of-box thought process than in the use of scripts or tools. Each exercise is designed to teach a specific lesson and will be discussed in detail after it is completed. In this way you learn from your instructors, your colleagues and your own successes and failures. Our trainers travel a long way to get to Barcelona, they're very charming and good looking, the course is full of sexy new hacks, and we'd really appreciate your support. To be a part of it register here.