Maltego Services

Maltego Integration, Support and Training

The threat landscape is constantly changing and new and more complex realities necessitate the use of sophisticated new skills, tools and techniques by today's network and system defenders.

The ability to extract large volumes of data from diverse sources and then analyze it to understand the patterns and relationships it reveals can be immensely powerful when used correctly, and there are endless situations where this kind of analysis can be useful.

Maltego, built by Paterva, is a powerful suite of software tools used for data mining, link analysis and data visualization, giving the user the ability to extract large volumes of data from diverse sources and then analyze it to understand the patterns and relationships it reveals. In the modern digital age these techniques are used to convert data into information and thereby extract concrete value that can be used for effective decision-making.

Maltego is a highly regarded and popular platform used extensively in Open Source Intelligence Gathering, Infrastructure Analysis for Penetration Testing, Cyber Attack Analysis, Fraud Detection and Investigation, Security Intelligence, Information Security Management, Research and more.

SensePost is an Approved Maltego Solutions Provider - authorised by Paterva to provide integration, consulting, support and training for the Maltego tools with their support. This new capability, combined with an existing wealth of information security skills and experience, uniquely positions SensePost to advise and support clients seeking to exploit the unique strategic advantage the Maltego toolset can offer.

SensePost can offer the following Maltego-related services:

  • Consulting: If you're considering whether Maltego's Link Analysis and Network Graphing can help you extract the Actionable Intellience that your business needs to make informed decisions, or if you've already made an investment in Maltego technologies but you need help in architecting a solution that will fully address your requirements, then SensePost's Maltego Services division can help you understand whether and how Maltego can support your business' intelligence needs.

  • Integration: Like all powerful tools Maltego needs to be deployed in the right way. SensePost's Maltego Services division will assist you to architect, develop and integrate Maltego into your unique environment.

  • Support: If you already have an investement in Maltego but you need assistance making the technology work for you, or resolving technical issues, then SensePost's Maltego Engineers can assist you to understand and resolve any technical issues you may be having.

  • Training: SensePost has a long legacy of delivering outstanding custom and standard training courses at all levels world-wide. Our Maltego Services team can craft a course that can help equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to get what you need from the Maltego technology.