All of our courses can be presented at your premises (in-house) or at local training centres, provided there are 5 or more students.

Pretoria 2014

Our next planned courses in Pretoria are:

7-8 October: HBN Reloaded : Infrastructure Bootcamp
9-10 October: HBN Reloaded : Web Application Bootcamp
14-15 October: HBN Reloaded : Mobile Bootcamp
16-17 October: HBN Reloaded : Developer
21-22 October: HBN Reloaded : Wireless Bootcamp
23-24 October: HBN Reloaded : BlackOps

Pretoria 2015

10-11 February: HBN Reloaded : Infrastructure Bootcamp
12-13 February: HBN Reloaded : Web Application Bootcamp
17-18 February: HBN Reloaded : Mobile Bootcamp
19-20 February: HBN Reloaded : Developer
24-25 February: HBN Reloaded : Wireless Bootcamp
26-27 February: HBN Reloaded : BlackOps

2-3 June: HBN Reloaded : Infrastructure Bootcamp
4-5 June: HBN Reloaded : Web Application Bootcamp
9-10 June: HBN Reloaded : Mobile Bootcamp
11-12 June: HBN Reloaded : Developer
20-21 June: HBN Reloaded : Wireless Bootcamp
22-23 June: HBN Reloaded : BlackOps

Bundle discounts are available for students attending four days of training that are presented during a single week.

Please contact training@sensepost.com for to book your spot or if you have any questions.

Black Hat USA 2014

We are once again presenting our training at Black Hat in Las Vegas.

2-3rd August: HBN Reloaded : Infrastructure Bootcamp
2-3rd August: HBN Reloaded : Web Application Bootcamp
4-5th August: HBN Reloaded : Mobile Bootcamp
4-5th August: HBN Reloaded : BlackOps

Classes are filling up fast, so sign up on the Black Hat website and we will see you in Vegas!