Black OpsHacking by Numbers Reloaded: BlackOps

BlackOps is the penetration-testing course. This is not your average point and click pwnage course, but a course designed and developed based upon real-world field experience using real world tools and techniques.

The students will be instructed on how to generate an appropriate payload, gain remote access (bypassing inbound/outbound protection mechanisms), and persist on the target box or network. This course touches upon the latest tools and techniques aiding data harvesting, exfiltration, pivoting, privilege escalation, HIPS evasion, persistence, client-side attacks, and OSINT.

This year we've added additional modules that look at how you'd tackle large infrastructure penetration tests (seeing the wood through the trees), a monster section on stalking people using OSINT approaches, and a section on real-world malware techniques/types, AV bypassing, data harvesting and extrusion techniques used in the wild.

Finally our last module is a no-holds barred module where you need to stalk, social engineer, exploit and exfiltrate data from a suspected bad guy using the techniques learned throughout the course.

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