Web AppHacking by Numbers Reloaded: Web Application Bootcamp

With the Web celebrating its 25th birthday on the 12th March, web applications have ruled the Internet ever since. There's a web app for most parts of our Internet lives and to a degree, our daily lives. With this large surface area, there's no doubt that they are often the entry point for most breaches. If you look at some of the biggest hacks in the last 18 months, they all come from a flaw in a web application.

This course sets the scene for you start at the beginning with the basics and go all the all the way to learn how to exploit the more advanced techniques. The course focuses on the fundamentals rather than specific tools and introduces you to our hacking methodology refined over thousands of assessment conducted over the last 14 years..

This two day course has enough theory to ensure you understand what you are trying to achieve, but with a heavy focus on practical exercises. Students should expect lots of hands on hacking with some of the finest hackers in the industry!.

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