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Fri, 19 Aug 2011

SensePost @ 44Con - Join us!

Until recently, there was a distinct lack of decent, high-quality technical security conferences held in the United Kingdom. Home to the Global Financial Centre, London, there isn't a shortage of industries who require secure applications and rely on secure infrastructure and applications to operate.

With this in mind, 44Con is the first combined information security conference and training event held in Central London. The con will provide business and technical tracks, aimed at government, public sector, financial, security professionals and Chief Security Officers.

SensePost will be attending the conference, with Ian de Villiers giving a ground-breaking talk on intercepting and modifying the protocol used by SAP GUI, including the release of a tool that facilitates assessments of said protocol. In addition, Ian and Daniel Cuthbert will be delivering a training course aimed at educating developers, and those involved in the deployments and life-cycle of applications, on the correct approaches required to protect applications from common threats.

Unlike other developer-centric courses, developers will actively be involved in breaking into their fellow students applications, whilst they try and prevent the attacks from taking place.

44Con will be held at the Grange City Hotel in London on the 30th August until the 2nd September.

Register to train with SensePost at 44Con.

Wed, 10 Aug 2011

Metricon6 Presentation

Dominic is currently in the air somewhere over the Atlantic, returning from a long trip that included BlackHat, DefCon and lastly Metricon6, where he spoke on a threat model approach that he has picked up and fleshed out. He has promised a full(er) write-up on his glorious return, however in the meantime his slides are below. An updated copy of the CTM tool is on the CTM page, as is the demonstration dashboard (a nifty spreadsheet-from-the-deep that interactively provides various views on your threat model).

Mon, 8 Aug 2011

BlackHat 2011 Presentation

On this past Thursday we spoke at BlackHat USA on Python Pickle. In the presentation, we covered approaches for implementing missing functionality in Pickle, automating the conversion of Python calls into Pickle opcodes, scenarios in which attacks are possible and guidelines for writing shellcode. Two tools were released:

  1. — automates conversion from Python-like statements into shellcode.
  2. Anapickle — helps with the creation of malicious pickles. Contains the shellcode library.
Lastly, we demonstrated bugs in a library, a piece of security software, typical web apps, peer-to-peer software and a privesc bug on RHEL6.

Slides are available below, the whitepaper is here and tools here.