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Tue, 25 Sep 2007

Is that a robots.txt in your pocket or are you just ahppy to see me?

This will probably get cleaned up soon, but thats a huuuuuuuge robots.txt []

Fri, 21 Sep 2007

BotNets not just for SPAM any more

The Symantec Security blog has an article titled "Botnets: not just for spamming anymore". Interestingly we are now starting to see the use of botnets for more than just simple spamming (or simpler DoS attacks).

Its pretty cool (in a twisted sort of way), because this is one of those things we called out a long time ago, predicting that botnets were way under-used as a form of cheap distributed computing. We have been mentioning its potential for effectively minimizing the key-space of session-ids and it looks like its starting to rear its head..

Its one of those combination "i expected this a long time ago" && "oh #$@#.. lets hope it doesnt catch" moments..

Tue, 4 Sep 2007

Awesome data visualization stuff...

Steven Murdoch over at lightbluetouchpaper did an investigation into the Privila internship program.. What was also cool however was that he threw together a quick visualization of the data

Moving graphs are always cool, and the fact that he got it together so quickly was impressive.. a quick check shows that he used the Prefuse toolkit which is a totally BSD lic. visualization toolkit that looks simple to use with some awesome examples..

Incidentally.. the surfing also led me to Vizster, a visualization tool for online networks..

Check out the video.. considering it was done in 05.. its pretty awesome..